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Viessmann coldroom proves outstanding energy efficiency in independent tests

Viessmann coldroom article

In order to ensure that models can be meaningfully and objectively compared between the different manufacturers, the size, wall thickness and features of the test coldrooms were clearly specified and tested under identical conditions, managed by the ATP test by TÜV Süd.

Two trials were carried out: Determination of the overall heat-transfer coefficient (k-value) of the cold rooms using a source of heat, and determination of energy efficiency, using a source of cold.

The coldrooms from Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH set themselves apart with their outstanding insulation properties and the high energy efficiency this enables. On the one hand, this is supported by the results of the TÜV inspection of the measured foam insulation values (U-values), and on the other hand is also demonstrated by the recorded thermal images.

The Viessman coldroom with improved foam even surpassed the excellent result achieved by the previous technology. The thermal imaging conducted by TÜV Süd during operation highlights the result of the TÜV test. The pictures clearly showed that the outside temperature of the Viessmann cold room was higher than the general value of the participants in the competitive comparison. This indicates that the insulation allows less cold to escape outside.

In addition, the images showed significant thermal bridges in the joint areas of many competitors’ cold rooms. The corner post system showed that even these corner points represent a weak thermal point in the overall system.

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New bar ware collection from Mercer

Barfly Mixology Gear by Mercer is for the professional with an unwavering commitment to the art of the cocktail. These bar ware essentials and accessories are designed to deliver optimal appearance, temperature, consistency and proportion in every glass–with masterful results.
Tools make the taste. We invite you to browse Mercer’s full line of mixology gear to see how Mercer raises the bar.

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Mercer helps to manage kitchen allergen procedures

Estimated at £718 million in 2017, the UK free-from market has more than doubled in size since 2012. Up to three million people are estimated to suffer from a food allergy. Rigorous allergen management procedures  are imperative in a commercial kitchen.

Food allergies are especially concerning for foodservice operators. Mercer’s Allergen Safe product line offers an easy to identify and implement system to safely prep, cook, and serve foods with a greater degree of safety.

The number of people looking to reduce or eliminate gluten dairy and meat from their diet is increasing rapidly. This trend is in response to dealing with allergies along with the perception of gluten free or vegan  leading to a healthier lifestyle. When addressing these dietary issues, it is essential that customers feel foods are being handled safely and with a process that minimises risk.

Mercer Culinary™ has recognised these growing trends in the foodservice industry and the problems they present to operators. This lead them to design and develop a line of allergen safety products which offer an easy way to identify and implement systems to safely prepare, cook and serve food. These products are intended to hold up to the toughest commercial environments and their prominent purple colour makes them easy for staff to keep separate for use with allergen risk ingredients.

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Everyday essentials for the professional baker from Tournus Equipment

Traditional, specialist or organic breads, pastries, tarts, cakes, chocolates and macaroons, sandwiches, quiches, pizzas, sweet and savoury: for every gourmet moment, bakers combine skill and invention in order to remain creative and bring dreams to life.

Tournus supplies all the stainless steel equipment bakers and pasty chefs need for their preparations:

  • Euronorm trolleys, storage trolleys, loaf trolleys, platform trolleys and many more
  • Stainless steel furniture: tables, sinks, units
  • Shelving for proving chambers and cold rooms
  • Washbasins, insect killers, waste bins, floor drains.

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