EU Ecodesign Directive

As of the 1st July the new EU Ecodesign Directive comes into place, meaning all professional refrigeration will be rated on its energy performance as mandatory practice.

Manufacturers Precision Refrigeration like all other manufacturers trading in the EU have had to test and grade their units to meet the required energy standards.

All professional refrigeration and freezer units are Temperature & Energy Performance Tested to the new PR-EN 16825 Standard which has required a lot of investment of money and time with testing on each unit lasting three days,  and has not been an easy job for any manufacturer. Once tested the units are energy labelled and must have a minimum rating of G, this is policed by the National Measurement Office across Europe.

PFR visited Precision Refrigeration testing lab and saw units under  going the PR -EN 16825 test. Each unit was loaded with test packs stimulating food with thermometers wired up and reading taken and recorded electronically. The first 12 hours of the test involve the doors being opened for seven seconds every 10 minutes, this all be automated as well.  If the temperature of test packs deviate from +5 / -1ºC for refrigerators and -15 / -18ºC for freezers, the cabinet has failed.

Throughout the testing Precision Refrigeration have made modifications to units to improved the energy efficiency of their units which is measured by the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) and gives the unit its classification.

The new directive is set to open new technological advances in the foodservice industry as manufacturers look to improve ratings.

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