“What an incredible display of craftwork! Welcome….Mercer Culinary”.

With the recent launch of the Mercer Culinary range into the UK after much success in North America we asked up and coming chef Johnny Prince, for his verdict on the collection. Johnny who has worked in establishments including; Hix Soho, Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, was new to Mercer Culinary and as every chef can relate too, knife selection is not an easy choice, once a brand has been found it will be seen with them for the rest of their career, so could Mercer Culinary make the mark?

“As a religious user of a mainstream German knife, it was a complete shock to the system when I came across Mercer’s extensive range of quality products. As a chef, the most important thing for me is being able to rely on my knives and other various tools for both accuracy and consistency. And wow did I find this in Mercer. Not only did Mercer deliver a quality blade, but in fact, in my opinion they delivered a blade that excelled.

The Genesis Range of knives are a pleasure to use, maintaining a long-lasting razor blade edge for a length of time that I haven’t found in any other knife. A welcoming handle provides great comfort when using the knives accompanied by incredible balance on grip resulting in greater accuracy and speed during prep work. Perhaps the most commendable asset is the ease at which I found to re-establish the sharpness of the blade”.

The Genesis range is a fully forged, finely crafted, full tang German steel bladed knife, with a bolster for added strength and durability, as well as providing excellence balance. Taper-ground edge increases sharpness and accuracy in cutting too. The ergonomic Santoprene handles offers superior comfort and a non-slip grip, ideal for chefs with wet hands, plus shall not break down from kitchen oils. The lifetime warranty as with all Mercer Culinary knives supports the quality of these professional knives.

“Accompanying Mercer’s extensive knife range is a selection of the most unique and exciting tools on the market. A selection of silicone wedges featuring a variety of different edges allows for the design of the most intricate plates. A particular favourite dish of mine which features an Italian meringue that is spread along the plate using one of Mercers silicone wedges, which has about 6 slits on the edge is then lightly toasted directly on the plate. Using this particular tool has really elevated the aesthetics of this dish, which of course, without Mercer, this would not have been possible. I really can’t recommend or talk more highly about Mercer’s huge range of quality tools and knives.”

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