What are the advantages of using PFR over a dedicated sales force?


Sale of one product can “trigger“ sales of other products. Multiple line selling creates a synergistic effect, with a broader, better defined customer base, and with more complete coverage, resulting in deeper market penetration and increased sales.


How does PFR generate income?


We work with our manufacturers to closely monitor the sales made directly by the PFR team. Representatives are paid based on results.

What qualifications and experience do PFR team members have?

Our sales and marketing team members are highly qualified and experienced. Go to “Team PFR” to find out more.

How well do PFR sales people know the UK Foodservice market?

Our representatives have local acceptance. They are familiar in the sales territory and trusted by the customers.

How quickly can a manufacturer expects to see sales coming through from PFR?

We provide quick entry into the market because the relationship between manufacturers’ representatives and the buyer is often stronger than among company-employed salespeople because the representative knows not only those responsible for purchasing but also other decision-makers within the customer management team.

We provide more complete coverage in specific geographic areas and market because of their familiarity with manufacturing activities. Representatives are quick to identify where new products can be sold where a direct sales force, in contrast, may take months or years to acquire similar knowledge.

How can Team PFR help with product and market development?

Provide more objective evaluation and customer feedback of new products or ideas for improving existing products as they represent more than one line and do not work for the manufacturer.

Provide information and knowledge to dealers and end users through product know-how, product training, field and test demonstrations and consultative selling.

Provide market research that cannot be provided from a mass survey or book.

How else can PFR help support manufacturers?

Alert manufacturer to new laws or regulations specific to their territory that might affect their product.

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