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Revol – An exclusive and creative collaboration with Régis Marcon

It is thanks to this type of collaboration, and by accepting the numerous challenges set by artist and exceptional chef Régis Marcon, that Revol has been able to come up with tomorrow’s colours for its own creation, as well as refine the industrial processes required to create the enamel’s nuances and effects.

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Finesse your fine dining Christmas menu presentation

A Christmas meal at a fine dining restaurant is an annual treat for many people, and expectations are high. The presentation of dishes reflects the style of the chef and the restaurant, and is vital to a memorable dining experience. We have selected products that we...

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Find Baselite Food Warming Lamps on CaterQuotes NOW!

Baselite Food Warming Lamps are hand made in the USA to the highest quality standards, and are available in a wide range of materials and styles, with a choice of mounting options and accessories. UK stock available and full range within 4-6 week lead time. Available...

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Prevent cuts and accidents with Mercer cut resistant gloves

Professional chefs’ tools are sharp! As well as good safety practices, Mercer cut resistant gloves provide an extra level of security for chefs’ fingers. These gloves feature excellent cut and abrasion resistance, superior dexterity, and extreme comfort. They fit left...

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Equinoxe From Revol, an invitation to travel

The Equinoxe collection comprises not only three different colours, but also three distinctive textures, ranging from matt to gloss. Sourced from some ethereal point between the sea and the sky, Cirrus Blue brings different shades of colour that play with light to...

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