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A wide range of premium quality supplies for tabletop, buffet, pizza and bar

Use just one label, per year, with our patent-pending, dishwasher-safe, Remarkable Label.

Simply write, rinse and repeat.

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American Metalcraft pizza paddle
American Metalcraft bar

The “Use it Again and Again” Foodservice Label

  • Engineered to withstand hundreds of dishwashing cycles.
  • Simply write on the label like a whiteboard, wash off the text when you’re done, and send the bin through the dishwasher
  • Optimized for all kitchen environments
  • Renowned for cost savings, time savings, health benefits and sustainability.
  • Customization brings brand pride into your kitchens
  • 1 remarkable label eliminates the waste of 500 single use labels
1. Introduction
2. Our mission
3. Customisation
4. The Pen
5. Bamboo Cloth
6. The wax pencil
7. Free Samples

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