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A wide range of premium quality supplies for tabletop, buffet, pizza and bar

Designed and hand crafted with passion in France

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Revol Porcelaine collections are used by many top chefs and Michelin starred restaurants worldwide

  • Recognised as the crème de la crème of culinary porcelain buffet and cook ware
  • Designed and hand crafted with passion in France
  • Aspirational collections used by many top chefs and Michelin starred restaurants worldwide
  • Custom designs available on request

About Revol Porcelaine

Revol collections are designed by chefs for chefs, and hand made with passion in France.

French company Revol Porcelaine has produced the ultimate in porcelain dinnerware since 1768.

Revol collections boast versatile and beautiful French culinary porcelain, ideal for creating striking food presentations. Whether used in restaurants or gastropubs, many of the world’s top chefs choose Revol for capturing and creating culinary history with their innovative menus.

Audacious design coupled with professional functionality is at of Revol’s production values. All Revol pieces are crafted from the highest quality porcelain and are non-porous, robust and and chip resistant, with the ability to go from oven to table.

Revol is committed to protecting the environment and reducing waste. 100% of the water used in the manufacturing process is recycled, and the factory operates an innovative system to harness the heat from the furnaces for reuse as office heating.

Revol is represented by Pro Foodservice Reps (PFR) in the UK.

Latest news from Revol Porcelaine

Revol promoting a healthier planet

With a commitment to promoting a healthier planet, Revol has unveiled a brand new tableware collection produced entirely from recycled ceramic waste. The No.W collection is the result of three years of research, with Revol developing and testing a unique process to...

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Revol’s new ‘Crumpled Cups’ celebrate sustainability

Innovative and unique, Revol’s Froissès Cups have become iconic additions to restaurant tabletop presentations. Styled as used plastic cups, Froissès Cups (known as ‘Crumpled Cups’ in the UK) represent Revol’s quirky design flair and commitment to sustainable...

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