In 2008 Christopher Thé opened his own boutique patisserie Black Star Pastry, located in Sydney, which has flourished and garnered critical praise locally and internationally. Black Star Pastry is about real food. It works the old fashioned way, handmade with love and integrity, striving to capture the beauty contained in nature and bring it to its clients with as little tinkering as possible. Having a strong background in gastronomy and technique, the rebellious creativity of the chefs allows them to break rules and see things in a way others don’t. Through simplification and focus on the marriage of flavours, Black Star Pastry is forever striving to evoke that perfect moment, when you taste something so good your brain freezes and time stands still. Black Star Pastry is the home for deliciousness and is the place to go in Sydney – it’s fun, it’s family friendly and it’s never boring.
All of the dishes are special. The patisserie sources their own produce from market in order to get only the best quality which is in tune with the seasons. Black Star does not use flavourings, dyes or anything unnatural in their food. The purpose is to taste immediacy, freshness and life. Black Star has become famous for its Strawberry Watermelon Cake, the most photographed cake of Australia, if not the world. The patisserie also caters to vegans – another unique speciality is the Vegan Chocolate Popcorn Cake. A dense but soft and fudgy chocolate cake, glazed with cocoa syrup and then decorated with caramelized salted popcorn and freeze-dried raspberries. Black Star also prepares multi-tier cakes for larger events such as weddings, christenings and office parties.
THE CHEF. Chris Thé.
Born in 1972 in Haberfield, Chris Thé has lived in Sydney all his life. To pay his way through university, Chris worked as a kitchen hand and even as he was completing his degree in psychology at Sydney University he knew his path lay in cooking and worked his way up to become pastry chef at Bel Mondo, Claude’s and also Quay Restaurant. Chris is driven by a taste-up philosophy of food design, rather than appearance, and this can be experienced in every piece of deliciousness he creates. But he does not stop there. In fact Chris and the Black Star team aim to promote the values of community, art and a deep philosophy of life.
• Best Pie in Australia – Food Service Magazine 2013
• Best Sweet Spot- SMH Good Food under $30 Awards 2013
• Inner West Business Awards 2013/ 2012- Most Outstanding Bakery/ Café Shop
• Best patisserie café – SMH Good Café Guide 2011
• No 1. Meat Pie – SMH Sydney Magazine July 2011
• No 1. Patisserie – Time Out Magazine 2011
• Best Cheap Eat – Time Out Magazine 2010
• Australian Small Business Champions – Bakery/ Cake Store

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