Viessmann coldroom proves outstanding energy efficiency in independent tests

Viessmann coldroom article

In order to ensure that models can be meaningfully and objectively compared between the different manufacturers, the size, wall thickness and features of the test coldrooms were clearly specified and tested under identical conditions, managed by the ATP test by TÜV Süd.

Two trials were carried out: Determination of the overall heat-transfer coefficient (k-value) of the cold rooms using a source of heat, and determination of energy efficiency, using a source of cold.

The coldrooms from Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH set themselves apart with their outstanding insulation properties and the high energy efficiency this enables. On the one hand, this is supported by the results of the TÜV inspection of the measured foam insulation values (U-values), and on the other hand is also demonstrated by the recorded thermal images.

The Viessman coldroom with improved foam even surpassed the excellent result achieved by the previous technology. The thermal imaging conducted by TÜV Süd during operation highlights the result of the TÜV test. The pictures clearly showed that the outside temperature of the Viessmann cold room was higher than the general value of the participants in the competitive comparison. This indicates that the insulation allows less cold to escape outside.

In addition, the images showed significant thermal bridges in the joint areas of many competitors’ cold rooms. The corner post system showed that even these corner points represent a weak thermal point in the overall system.

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Tecto Compact – Viessmann quality right from the start

  • Comprehensive, standardised range for storage in 300 mm grid
  • Fixed standard sizes for straightforward ordering
  • Door position is flexible, can be modified on site
  • Cell elements in sandwich pattern with no thermal bridging – stable, self-supporting and true to size
  • Hygienic Viessmann stainless steel floor, pressed with non-slip pattern, no joint gaps, smooth underlapping
  • Quick assembly system with cam locks

Tecto Compact coldrooms and freezer rooms allow a wide target group to access proven Viessmann quality. The Tecto Standard version efficiently meets every requirement for hygienic and germ-free storage of refrigerated products.

Tecto Compact is the reliable refrigeration option for anyone starting up a new business who wants to customise their coldroom, whether in the hospitality and mini-kitchen sector, or in speciality retail.

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Viessmann Refrigeration’s eye-catching sales booster

Recent German supermarket trial proves: Iconic semi-vertical freezer causes significant increase in turnover. Sixty two percent of shoppers polled in a formal study preferred Iconic over traditional freezers in the store.

Viessmann’s futuristic semi-vertical freezer, Iconic, has increased sales of frozen goods by 8 per cent in the first month following its introduction at the Edeka Schlemmer Markt Struve supermarket in Hamburg, Germany. The closely monitored trial in November and December 2015 saw the ice-cream and frozen pastry products selected for display in the Iconic soar in popularity, with customer surveys backing up its appeal.

Iconic is a totally new frozen cabinet concept characterised by its gondola shape, customer-friendly height of 1.50 metres and inclined doors. These features combine to offer a modern, eye-catching, semi-vertical freezer that boasts excellent product visibility and optimal presentation of frozen food products at the point of sale, while maximizing capacity. Ergonomically, Iconic is a godsend for shoppers who no longer need to bend down into a freezer island, instead accessing their pizzas and chips etc. easily, from an upright position. Iconic is at the forefront of Viessmann’s strategic efforts to create on-trend shopping experiences that tap into customer emotionality.

The rapid sales growth in the frozen food area exceeded expectations. “The new Iconic has strong potential. We sold five times more mini soft pretzel variations than before in the first two months alone after the modernisation,’ explains Sergej Slyznak, assistant shop manager at Edeka Schlemmer Markt Struve. “All in all, the new Iconic freezer has led to two to three digit increases in monthly sales for all four of the products that were selected for the study.

“We had plenty of positive feedback on Iconic from colleagues and customers right from the start. Iconic creates more space, order and overview and attracts customers with its modern, gondola-style design,” says Slyznak.

Viessmann Refrigeration’s powder coating SmartProtec® improves hygiene of cold rooms

Viessmann is the only manufacturer of modular cold rooms to offer antimicrobial powder coating.

Viessmann has strengthened  its coldroom hygiene offering with the development of a powder coating for all surfaces of elements both exterior and interior walls, floors and ceilings. The antimicrobial coating – now available as standard on Viessmann’s TECTO Standard and TECTO Special coldroom ranges – ensures the hygienic protective coating on Viessmann products is maintained for longer.

Viessmann’s SmartProtec® demonstrated advanced performance in product testing, combatting 20 percent more microbial strains than the company’s previous coating, SilverProtec, which contained antibacterial properties alone.

SmartProtec® powder protection remains within the coating to improve the hygienic properties of product surfaces for the lifetime of the coldroom.

Jim Whelan, director of international business at Viessmann Refrigeration said, “Viessmann is well known as a technology leader in high end, bespoke and uniquely designed cold rooms and stores. The new SmartProtec® powder coating is the result of ongoing research and development to improve the hygiene qualities of our products by the R&D team in Germany.”

“SmartProtec® powder coating is just one element of the hygiene package Viessmann offers and goes hand in hand with cleverly designed rounded corners and no gaps between panels for ease of cleaning. It’s good news to be able to extend the protective life of our products.”

PFR Represents – Viessmann Refrigeration

Effective from April, Viessmann Refrigeration Systems has signed a representation agreement with Pro Foodservice Reps Limited (PFR).

PFR will represent Viessmann commercial cold and deep-freezing room solutions which are sold via trade distributors.

The rep group will work alongside the existing Viessmann team, led by Steve Steadman, sales and marketing director UK and Ireland.

 PFR sales director Ross Gibson commented: “Since we began representing Precision Refrigeration over a year ago, dealers and consultants have been asking us about cold rooms.

“So we have been on the lookout for a brand which we would be confident taking to our trusted contacts, but also complimented the Precision offer.

“It’s not as easy as finding a company in need of sales people; we need to make sure their route to market, strategy and market offer is in line with that expected from PFR and our clients – Viessmann ticked all the boxes.”

Garmany-based Viessmann is a global brand with a group turnover of over €2bn. Furthermore, 2017 will see it celebrate its 100th birthday.

Steadman commented: “As part of our UK growth strategy Viessmann Refrigeration is delighted to be working alongside PFR to approach new market channels with our range of cold-rooms.”

Viessmann offers solutions from standalone single rooms, to bespoke solutions tailored to the site requirements.

Product features include silicone free joints, antimicrobial surfaces and polyurethane hard foam insulation ranging from 80-150mm with quick assembly fully cam locked walls.

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