Innovative and unique, Revol’s Froissès Cups have become iconic additions to restaurant tabletop presentations. Styled as used plastic cups, Froissès Cups (known as ‘Crumpled Cups’ in the UK) represent Revol’s quirky design flair and commitment to sustainable products. Two new products, ‘A L’Origine’ and ‘100% Recyclay’, strip back the cups to their essential character, echoing Revol’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing and recycling.

‘A L’ORIGINE’ is a stripped back, plain white cup, with the signature Froissès ‘crumple’. With a hand-dipped white raw clay exterior and silky enamel inside, the cup retains the seam from the mould to reflect its origins and symbolise the Revol core values.

‘100% RECYCLAY’ celebrates the adoption of the latest manufacturing technologies to produce environmentally friendly, sustainable products. The cups are created from a natural grey clay which is produced using a unique system for reprocessing mineral materials.

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