Pro Foodservice Reps are pleased to celebrate the opening of their striking new showroom, perfect for catering businesses looking for light equipment inspiration.

On show is a selection of our leading light equipment brands displaying a wide variety of supplies, premium quality utensils, tabletop solutions, barware essentials, mixology accessories, designer heatlamps and many more small but essential items, for the foodservice industry.

American Metalcraft

American Metalcraft is a US manufacturer, specialising in bar, catering, buffet service and pizza supplies for the foodservice industry.

Established over 70 years ago, American Metalcraft is recognised as a leading supplier within the premier hospitality industry, introducing hundreds of new items each year.

The manufacturer has now developed as a company producing over 3,000 products with customers in more than 75 countries.

Materials are ethically sourced, pleasing their customers within the restaurant and pizzeria, hotels and resort industries who appreciate the cutting-edge, contemporary designs and continuous innovation.

Within the PFR showroom, we are displaying American Metalcraft’s unique dinnerware, tabletop accessories, buffet & display supplies, barware and kitchen and pizza supplies.

Barfly by Mercer

Perfect for high-class bars, Barfly by Mercer is designed to meet the demands of the professional mixologist, adding elegance and class to parties and functions.

Within the showroom is Barfly’s range of visually appealing, professional tools delivering excellent performance and consistent accuracy.

The line encompasses almost everything needed to shake, stir and pour the perfect cocktail, including a broad range of twisted shaft spoons, jiggers, shakers, strainers, prep tools, and products for serving – all available in various sizes, measurements and colours.

Complementing the other contemporary light equipment products in the showroom is the barware’s variety of finishes – stainless steel, copper and gold plated, gunmetal and antique copper.

Front of the House

Since establishment in 2002, Front of the House have offered stylishly unexpected, trend-forward collections of dinnerware and tableware for the hospitality and foodservice industries.

PFR are proud to display and deliver serving pieces to solution-based, beautiful buffet essentials as well as many other sought-after categories in tabletop. Complementing not only our showroom but each state-of-the-art restaurant or hotel design aesthetic as well as a chef’s high-quality gastro dishes.

The range has an intersection of colour, unique textures, and bold shapes in lots of sizes.


Belonging to the reputable trademark of Revol Group, Mealplak produces an innovative range of non-porous table and buffetware designed for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry.

Created from the unique patented acrylic derivative Nacryl, Mealplak products come in a wide range of colours and styles and have a unique translucent quality. From buffet stands to plates in an array of colours like raspberry or mandarin, Mealplak has a memorable range to choose from.

Products are robust and durable, dishwasher safe and guaranteed against UV damage for 10 years. The Nacryl material is temperature resistant from +80 to -80 degrees C and has exceptional thermal memory. If placed in an oven or freezer prior to service, Mealplak dishes can keep food hot or cold for up to half an hour.

Mercer Culinary

Leading culinary manufacturer Mercer, offers premium quality, ergonomically designed products at an affordable price. Recognised as one of the biggest manufacturers of chefs’ knives and utensils in the US for over three decades.

Dominating the US commercial foodservice industry, Mercer is a keen manufacturer of full line solutions, using industry knowledge and experience to create innovative, durable, and high-performance products.

Consistently, Mercer products have been the undeniable choice of professional chefs throughout the world and as well for our showroom.

Puracycle Labelling

Culinary equipment and storage is nothing without its labelled counterpart which is why used in the showroom is Puracycle’s patent-pending, environmentally-friendly, innovative labelling solution.

Engineered to withstand hundreds of dishwashing cycles, the labels are optimised for all kitchen environments allowing caterers to simply write on the label like a whiteboard, wash off the text and send the item through the dishwasher.

Renowned in the industry for its cost savings, time savings, health benefits and sustainability whereby one remarkable label eliminates the waste of 500 single use labels.

Revol collections

Used by Michelin starred restaurants all over the world and within our showroom in Leicestershire, is French company Revol’s beautiful porcelain dinnerware.

Incorporated in 1768, the Revol collections boast versatile and beautiful French culinary porcelain, ideal for creating striking food presentations. Whether used in restaurants or gastropubs, many of the world’s top chefs choose Revol for capturing and creating culinary history with their innovative menus.

Audacious design coupled with professional functionality is at the heart of Revol’s production values. All Revol pieces are crafted from the highest quality porcelain and are non-porous, robust and chip resistant, with the ability to go from oven to table.

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