The Equinoxe collection comprises not only three different colours, but also three distinctive textures, ranging from matt to gloss.

Sourced from some ethereal point between the sea and the sky, Cirrus Blue brings different shades of colour that play with light to enhance the presentation of your summer creations.

This colour is the outcome of wide-ranging research on enamels and technical finishing procedures, enabling us to conceive a dual-enamelling of blue and white on all of the topside of the plate, with a shiny gloss finish that subtly brings to light a variety of tones.

The enamel glaze is removed by hand from the product rim, thus producing a fine black edging that will emphasise and enhance the contrast with your ingredients. This delicate touch brings an element of structure to the overall presentation, like a fine frame around a painting or the line on the ocean horizon.

The diversity of shape and function that characterises the Equinoxe collection provides chefs with an invitation to display their creative talents and to fully express the meaning of “Cook your Style”.

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