Food allergies are a growing issue for foodservice operations.  Mercer’s Allergen Safe product line offers an easy to identify and implement system to safely prep, cook, and serve foods with a greater degree of safety.

The number of people looking to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diet is increasing rapidly. This trend is in response to dealing with Celiac Disease along with the perception of gluten-free diet leading to a healthier lifestyle. When addressing these dietary issues, it is essential that customers feel foods are being handled safely and with a process that minimises risk.

Mercer Culinary™ has seen these growing trends in the foodservice industry and the problems they present to operations. This lead them to design and develop a line of products which offer an easy way to identify and implement systems to safely prep, cook, and serve food. These products are intended to hold up to the toughest commercial environments and their prominent purple colour makes them easy for staff to keep their dedicated use.

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