SILO – a pre-industrial food system – is a restaurant, bakery, brewery and cafe in Brighton. Head Chef Douglas McMaster aims to provide quality foods through the purity of ingredients and a primitive diet-centred approach using both modern and ancient techniques.

The idea for SILO came from the desire to innovate the food industry by showing respect for the environment, the way foods are produced and the nourishment given to the human body.

Chef Douglas describes the concept:
“At SILO we believe in the purity of the ingredients and trusting in natural cultivation systems to determine what and how to cook. We have a large network of ethical farmers, growers, waste management companies, tea traders, chocolate makers and coffee makers, and we work as a group to avoid creating any waste. On our journey to zero waste, we have discovered a system of primitive food production which supports a healthy lifestyle and eliminates packaging, and has also helped us understand how we prepare food using all of the ingredient. We grind our own flour, use unpasteurised milk and produce our own butter and cheese, so basically we aim to create excellent dishes with as little environmental impact as possible ”

Douglas originally became a chef because of his love of the kitchen environment, which began in his childhood. After leaving school, Douglas started working in a hotel restaurant in a small English town, and for 12 years he worked in professional kitchens.

Douglas is passionate about caring for the environment and as Unox ovens are produced using solar energy they were an obvious choice. Douglas finds the accurate and quick steam injection and uniform baking especially useful for making SILO’s excellent bread. With two ChefTop XVC305EP ovens, Douglas makes the most of the ingredients at his disposal to offer high quality baked products. The reduction in energy costs financially as well as environmentally is a great benefit to SILO.

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